26 July, 2006

Piece of bread story!
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A kid was holding a piece of bread when he was killed by an Israeli missile with 19 of his family while they were trying to escape from the hell in south Lebanon to the UN (united nations) building when Israel gave few hours for the people in South Lebanon to leave their homes (probably so they can see them and blow them up), the UN refused to host the family because they didn't have any proof says that Israel is going to blow up south Lebanon (DUH!!!! Don't they watch the NEWS?!!!) so they refused to host them; they went back out and that's when they were bombed.

Later the little boy's burned body was found hugging that little piece of bread while two families (including his) where dead all around him.

Dedicated to "Abdullah" & "Ghanim" Family and all the late Lebanese people may their souls rest in peace.

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