26 July, 2006

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I photographed it on February and I just decided to upload it...

Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God does not love transgressors. The Holly Qur'an (2:190).

I was NOT going to talk about it at all UNTIL I read how many people thinks about us MUSLIMS and about our religion, life style and culture ISLAM.
Some people just have NO respect for their own religion, how come they'll respect other's?
I am talking about the Danish cartoons…
It's about giving a wrong stereo type of the symbol of Islam "Mohammed", about Islam and Muslims.
It's about humiliating others believes and religions.
It's about knowledge lack of Mohammed (PPUH), Islam and Muslims.
I am talking about the genuine Islam, the Islam of Mohammed and the holly Qur'an; NOT Osama Bin Ladin's!
It's not that Muslims have a narrow minds and against freedom of speech…

I do NOT mind to pose nude for NEWSWEEK Magazine cover!
I do NOT mind if the cartoons were about my own MOTHER (by the way happy mothers day MOM LOL)!
I do NOT mind to talk about anything and to listen to the "other" opinions.
Did I already mention I am talking about Mohammed's Islam not Osama Bin Ladin's?
If you are interested to know more about it in your own language

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