26 July, 2006

Do I have to pose topless?
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I noticed that most of people doesn't read my photo's description unless
the photo it self was either weird or topless!

During the weekend holiday (here in Kuwait it's starts on Wednesday and ends
Friday) I've been watching TV all the time and flipping around TV channels
to see who is saying what and who is killed and who is going to be...
Probably you still have no clue what i am talking about...

Few days ago, Hezbollah kidnapped 2 "Israeli" soldiers to exchange them
with many Lebanese males and females civilians captured by "Israel" as POW, then
Israel started bombing all over Lebanon destroying a power station, Lebanon National Airport, bridges, roads and (until now 18th of July 2006) killed over 210 Lebanese civilians (some of them were families) and wounded hundreds plus two Kuwaitis were killed (a father and his son).
So Hezbollah replied by shooting missiles on north of Israel cities, killing 29 and wounding 10s.

At the time many Arab TV channels were broadcasting live from Lebanon such as Al Jazeera TV, Al Arabia TV , Al Manar TV, New TV and many others to let people up to date with
what was going on over there.
Israel replied by blowing up New TV and Al Manar TV plus Hezbollah HQ.

Since there is a reaction for every action, Hezbollah replied by blowing one of the Israeli ships.

That's how it's ended today, we will see what's will happen tomorrow.

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