28 July, 2006

A mother was staying at home when she felt something warm in her lap, blood was fluting of her head; the black smoke was all around her...She was trying to feel the way to her children...She couldn't see them because the smoke was intense...Finally she felt their palms; she picked them all the 3 of them and took them out of the house..
She was devastated screaming for help, for her own family, she found her sister and her brother in law...Lift their children and walked back to look for her own husband; she found him lying on the floor, she asked him are you alive?
He replied: yes but I lost both of my legs.
Her 4 years old daughter asked her: Why did Israel cut off my finger?

7 years old "Fatima", is paralyzed in a hospital; she can NOT hear a thing. She keep repeating I don't want to stay here...Take me to Lebanon.

8 Years old "Howaida", she lost an eye; she doesn't know that she lost her father, her sister and her little brother and her mom lost her own arm!

During the first day of the Israeli attack to Lebanon, A women went to her work in the morning..When she returned home; it's was a wreck...until now she have no idea where are her own children nor her husband.
At the time she is living in a park along with many other Lebanese civilians.

These are all true stories!

Israel is using the Lebanese children as their fire fuel...
Thanks you Israel, your gifts were received!

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