02 February, 2009

Erdogan speaks against peres at Davos - English Subtitles (correct translation)

12 January, 2009

Hard Not To Be Angry With Israel

11 January, 2009

Today on Youtube

OK guys, while I was driving to work today...I heard about a soccer player (African Muslim playing for Spanish team) called Frédéric Omar kanoute who was playing on a game, then he raised his t-shirt that's when a shirt beneath appeared saying "Palestine" in different languages.

He had to pay 3000 USD for doing that...
As far as I know a year or so another football player (also African) kissed "Israeli" flag but they didn't make him pay cash for it...If this is not double standards I don't know what it is.

You can watch him here

I also watched a Palestinian father who lost 4 of his kids in an Isreali bomber by a school of the UNRWA.

You can watch him here

06 January, 2009


"Get up, boy, get up" cried the weeping father, who lost a total of 13 close relatives when an Israeli shell hit his house east of Gaza City.

"Please get up. I am your dad and I need you," he implored helplessly.

The oldest was 4 years old. Their mother was killed too.

More can be found here

At Gaza Hospital, Chaos and Desperation
Israel's Strategy Of Dividing the Strip Hinders Relief Efforts

By Sudarsan Raghavan and Reyham Abdel Kareem
Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, January 6, 2009; A09

Full artcile can be found here

05 January, 2009

Live Genocide

I found this video on youtube of Palestinians in Gaza, it seems like it was shoot using a camera phone.
I have no clue how they are actually living there in that mess.