15 November, 2006


US soldier admits Iraq girl rape

Room where alleged rape and killing took place

A US Army soldier has pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and helping murder her and her family.

James Barker agreed to the plea deal at the start of his court-martial in the US to avoid the death penalty, his civilian lawyer said.

A criminal investigation began in June into the killing of the family of four in their home in Mahmudiya, south of Baghdad, in March 2006.

Specialist Barker is one of four US soldiers charged with murder.

They are alleged to have helped a former private - who has since been discharged from the army - to plan, carry out and cover up the attack.

Two of the soldiers could face the death penalty if found guilty.

All four soldiers belong to the 2nd Brigade of the elite 101st Airborne Division.

Separate trial

Specialist Barker had agreed to co-operate with prosecutors and will testify against the others, his civilian lawyer, David Sheldon, said.

US Marine in Mahmudiya
US troops have been accused of several abuses in Iraq
The others charged with rape and murder were Pte Jesse Spielman, Sgt Paul Cortez, and Pte Bryan Howard.

In addition, former soldier Steven Green has been charged in a civilian court and is awaiting trial in a Kentucky jail.

He was discharged from the army for a personality disorder earlier this year, and in July pleaded not guilty to charged of murder and sexual assault.

Later on Wednesday, a military court in California is due to hand down a sentence to a private who admitted to involvement in the death of an Iraqi civilian near the town of Hamdaniya last April.

Source: BBC website

10 November, 2006

According to Islam, burring dead people is a way to respect them but I think that rule doesn't work in War situation.
People should know what's going on around them no matter how hard and disturbing it is.

I understand that porn is allowed in the media while knowing the truth is not, I wonder if showing a peni* up to a puss*/as* is more important than showing justice and the truth to the world...
Isn't that against "so called" DemocrASSy?
I thought democrASSy is having the right to express your self, to be heard and seen by others while the truth is being buried because of some silly rules created by HUMANS.

Last week IDF "Israel destruction forces" killed 18 people most of them were relatives.

Fourteen years old "Asma's Al Athamnah" is a girl who was sleeping when she wake up by the strikes on the 7 houses so she tried to escape with her mother and sister and that's when they were haunted in the street by the IDF...She lost her mother, her sister, uncles and cousins.

05 November, 2006


Personally I do NOT care about words such as Semitic, non Semitic, black, white, Asian or whatever NON MUSLIMS RACISTS are inventing. Qur'anic Islam never differ between people according to their origin, color, ethnics…Etc

The basics of being a Muslim to believe in every ABRAHAMIC prophets and that would include many prophets mentioned in ToTorah Bible and the Qur'an. So the conflict in the Middle East is NOT about the religion (at least according to the Islamic prospects) but it is according to Christians check the following link gotquestions.org/Jews-Arabs.html (That doesn't mean I hate Christians but I am just showing their point of view let's take Mr. Bush for instance). It's not because of the prophets, it's all about abusing religions and misunderstanding them, the conflict in the Middle East never excited before the year 1948, before that Jews, Christians and Muslims were living side by side in peace, it's all about politics and those silly borders created by UK.
It's just makes me furious when I SEE LITTLE INNOCENT KIDS, WOMEN or MEN KILLED or their LAND WAS INVATED or they were kicked out of their homeland BY "FOREINNERS" despite the fact wewhetherhey were Muslims or not; I KNOW YOU FEEL THE EXACT WAY if someone did the same for wherever you live.

I see
Zionisms fanatics of JudaismNazis and Mr. Bush as the fanatics of ChristianityAl Qa'eda as fanatics of Islam.