26 July, 2006

Yesterday while I was at work, I was checking some one's (was in my friends list and I was in his/her) photo stream.. .There I found one photo of a tied guy with the comment (A comment not the photo's description) below says That he wish to see all the Arab terrorists to be tied this way.

I replied with the comment "There is a different between terrorism and defending your own country + I will look better than that guy if I was tied LOL".
(F.Y.I. I consider 9/11 attacked pure terrorism)
In the evening I was uploading a photo, then I checked my flickr mail and there was a msg from the owner of that photos stream, I read his msg but i couldn't reply because I was blocked plus I was banned from his/her groups; since because I am a silly,dumb, terrorist Muslim & Arab with no rights of speech,no brain and dignity, who should be killed curley.

Anyway that person asked me to go and fight side by side with Hezbollah, I really would love to but I didn't for two reasons, first I don't have a camouflage outfit & the second I won't be able to login flickr anymore and upload more photos since Israel blown up everything communications, power stations and TV stations to stop them from showing the truth about what's going on in Lebanon; probably know one would ever care about what I am talking about since everybody have their own right of speech except Arabs & Muslims.

I don't blame the owner of the photos stream because he/she clearly has a stereo type idea of Muslims and Arabs delivered to him through a non objective western media and some idiots such as Osama Bin laden and Saddam Hussain, yet I do blame him for not seeking the truth him/her self.
At least he/she had to put him/her self in Arabs & Muslims shoes to realize how does killing his own family, neighbors, friends, husbands or wife makes him/ her feel.

Have any of you seen these images through any of your reliable media such as CNN, BBC or maybe NEWSWEEK?
Perhaps you'll need to few a LARGER IMAGE to make sure that those little murdered kids really belongs to Hezbollah and Hamas!

I believe it's easy for people who does not live in the Arab & Muslims countries to criticize them for taking a reaction against the daily murders they are performed by Israel..
I don't get why the Westerns only see the reaction while they skip the reason?! Since I am a dumb Arab & Muslim could someone help?

If you didn't agree about anything I said let me know because I really would love to discuss it and I do promise no hard feelings (at least my side).

Have a peaceful week..


RDD90802 said...

Bashar, the problem is that there is not enough talking going on and even less real listening.

I hate terrorism by both sides involved.

I hate the fact that some of my tax dollars go to Israel which allows them to buy bombs which kill innocent Lebanese civilians.

I also hate the fact that Hezbollah hides like cowards in neighborhoods and puts civilians at risk. I don't like war, but if they want to fight one then they should fight the Israeli army and not hide behind & endanger innocent people.

Right now it is frustrating for me because I have friends in both Israel & Beirut. Thankfully I have heard from my friend in Beirut 2x recently so as of today I know he is ok.

radiantguy.com said...

Hezbollah could fight against Israel face to face if they had Israel's weapons, air crafts, bombs and USA Vetos!

Hezbollah are launching their missiles from the mountains in Lebanon not the villiges, Israel is abusing the US media as they always did.

RDD90802 said...

They seem to be doing a pretty good job using missles from Iran.

I feel their response was excessive, but do you believe that Israel has a right to respond to the bombs or should they just let Hezbollah continue to launch them & kill their citizens.

Incidentally there are other media sources available here in the states that do not paint such a rosy picture of Israel's response or actions. A very good one that I listen to regularly is here: http://democracynow.org/

radiantguy.com said...

USA and Israel just keep repeating the one phrase which links Iran and Syria to Hezbollah, I wonder if they have any paper or video evidance about that and if they did...So what if they are Hezbollah are having their missiles from Iran?
Israel is having their's from USA!

How will you feel if a stranger from India came to your house and took over it?

Will you welcome him?
Or you'll kick his sorry ass out?

Israel took over a land which DO NOT belongs to them that's why they should NOT excist.

Just read more about "Palestine" throught any objective enclyopedia such as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestine

Check this one too:


radiantguy.com said...

Did you know that the Lebanese interior minstry found a link between the latest assasinations in Lebanon (the ones before war) and the Mosad?

sol i sinne said...

Bigots are everywhere. Bigotry and prejudices go hand in hand with ignorance. For the long term, we must combat ignorance. People who know each other and understand each other do not kill each other.

The nasty flickr bigot who assaulted you should be reported to the flickr management. It doesn't matter which side you are on, such behavior is always uncivil, unhelpful, and objectionable.

Yes, we should all try to seek varied information and try different perspectives before passing judgment, but alas, few have that capacity. Most of us are heavily indoctrinated and we succumb easily to mindless urges and emotions.

That is not going to change, unless gradually over the course of many generations. As individuals, we can contribute to that development by seeking knowledge, cultivating mindfulness, and asserting tolerance throughout our lives.

radiantguy.com said...