31 July, 2006

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Qana is a small city in Lebanon...
In the year 1996 was attacked by Israel's air force killing hundreds of Lebanese civilians..
Two days ago it's was re-attacked killing more than 50 Lebanese civilians most of them are children.
Check the following blog for more photos..


28 July, 2006

A mother was staying at home when she felt something warm in her lap, blood was fluting of her head; the black smoke was all around her...She was trying to feel the way to her children...She couldn't see them because the smoke was intense...Finally she felt their palms; she picked them all the 3 of them and took them out of the house..
She was devastated screaming for help, for her own family, she found her sister and her brother in law...Lift their children and walked back to look for her own husband; she found him lying on the floor, she asked him are you alive?
He replied: yes but I lost both of my legs.
Her 4 years old daughter asked her: Why did Israel cut off my finger?

7 years old "Fatima", is paralyzed in a hospital; she can NOT hear a thing. She keep repeating I don't want to stay here...Take me to Lebanon.

8 Years old "Howaida", she lost an eye; she doesn't know that she lost her father, her sister and her little brother and her mom lost her own arm!

During the first day of the Israeli attack to Lebanon, A women went to her work in the morning..When she returned home; it's was a wreck...until now she have no idea where are her own children nor her husband.
At the time she is living in a park along with many other Lebanese civilians.

These are all true stories!

Israel is using the Lebanese children as their fire fuel...
Thanks you Israel, your gifts were received!

26 July, 2006

Yesterday while I was at work, I was checking some one's (was in my friends list and I was in his/her) photo stream.. .There I found one photo of a tied guy with the comment (A comment not the photo's description) below says That he wish to see all the Arab terrorists to be tied this way.

I replied with the comment "There is a different between terrorism and defending your own country + I will look better than that guy if I was tied LOL".
(F.Y.I. I consider 9/11 attacked pure terrorism)
In the evening I was uploading a photo, then I checked my flickr mail and there was a msg from the owner of that photos stream, I read his msg but i couldn't reply because I was blocked plus I was banned from his/her groups; since because I am a silly,dumb, terrorist Muslim & Arab with no rights of speech,no brain and dignity, who should be killed curley.

Anyway that person asked me to go and fight side by side with Hezbollah, I really would love to but I didn't for two reasons, first I don't have a camouflage outfit & the second I won't be able to login flickr anymore and upload more photos since Israel blown up everything communications, power stations and TV stations to stop them from showing the truth about what's going on in Lebanon; probably know one would ever care about what I am talking about since everybody have their own right of speech except Arabs & Muslims.

I don't blame the owner of the photos stream because he/she clearly has a stereo type idea of Muslims and Arabs delivered to him through a non objective western media and some idiots such as Osama Bin laden and Saddam Hussain, yet I do blame him for not seeking the truth him/her self.
At least he/she had to put him/her self in Arabs & Muslims shoes to realize how does killing his own family, neighbors, friends, husbands or wife makes him/ her feel.

Have any of you seen these images through any of your reliable media such as CNN, BBC or maybe NEWSWEEK?
Perhaps you'll need to few a LARGER IMAGE to make sure that those little murdered kids really belongs to Hezbollah and Hamas!

I believe it's easy for people who does not live in the Arab & Muslims countries to criticize them for taking a reaction against the daily murders they are performed by Israel..
I don't get why the Westerns only see the reaction while they skip the reason?! Since I am a dumb Arab & Muslim could someone help?

If you didn't agree about anything I said let me know because I really would love to discuss it and I do promise no hard feelings (at least my side).

Have a peaceful week..

Piece of bread story!
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A kid was holding a piece of bread when he was killed by an Israeli missile with 19 of his family while they were trying to escape from the hell in south Lebanon to the UN (united nations) building when Israel gave few hours for the people in South Lebanon to leave their homes (probably so they can see them and blow them up), the UN refused to host the family because they didn't have any proof says that Israel is going to blow up south Lebanon (DUH!!!! Don't they watch the NEWS?!!!) so they refused to host them; they went back out and that's when they were bombed.

Later the little boy's burned body was found hugging that little piece of bread while two families (including his) where dead all around him.

Dedicated to "Abdullah" & "Ghanim" Family and all the late Lebanese people may their souls rest in peace.

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I was trying to imitate one of Gabriel's (Whipflash) photos, but clearly I ended up with something very different.

As I said in a previous photo, most of the flickrists doesn't check the photo's description unless if I was topless!
That photo might not be appropriate for this description but it's does for me.

They are saying that Hezbollah's weapons are Syrian and Iranian made while I am saying Israel's are "proudly made in USA"!
If that makes a good excuse to drag Syria, Iran and Lebanon to a massive regional war…Then it's will make a good excuse to drag USA to the war too ; since they are providing money, weapons and VETOES to Israel!

"The United States was alone in voting against the resolution. Ten of the 15 Security Council nations voted in favor, while Britain, Denmark, Peru and Slovakia abstained.

The U.S. has periodically used its veto to block resolutions critical of Israel. The last council veto, in October 2004, was cast when the United States blocked a resolution condemning another Israeli operation in Gaza." (Source: Yahoo! NEWS)

F.Y.I. Since the establishment of the UN in the year 1945 until now 18th of July 2006, USA used the VETO 77 times, 36 of them to block resolutions criticising Israel.

There is a different between the Sun and the Moon...
There is a different between defending your country and mass killing...
There is a different between innocents and tyrants...
There is a different between Jihadism and Terrorism...

Don't you agree?

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At the moment, waves of emotions are fluting inside of me; hitting the rocks of my optimism and ambition...splashing all over the air. I am not sure whether my rocks are solid enough or by time the waves will break them up?

Do I have to pose topless?
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I noticed that most of people doesn't read my photo's description unless
the photo it self was either weird or topless!

During the weekend holiday (here in Kuwait it's starts on Wednesday and ends
Friday) I've been watching TV all the time and flipping around TV channels
to see who is saying what and who is killed and who is going to be...
Probably you still have no clue what i am talking about...

Few days ago, Hezbollah kidnapped 2 "Israeli" soldiers to exchange them
with many Lebanese males and females civilians captured by "Israel" as POW, then
Israel started bombing all over Lebanon destroying a power station, Lebanon National Airport, bridges, roads and (until now 18th of July 2006) killed over 210 Lebanese civilians (some of them were families) and wounded hundreds plus two Kuwaitis were killed (a father and his son).
So Hezbollah replied by shooting missiles on north of Israel cities, killing 29 and wounding 10s.

At the time many Arab TV channels were broadcasting live from Lebanon such as Al Jazeera TV, Al Arabia TV , Al Manar TV, New TV and many others to let people up to date with
what was going on over there.
Israel replied by blowing up New TV and Al Manar TV plus Hezbollah HQ.

Since there is a reaction for every action, Hezbollah replied by blowing one of the Israeli ships.

That's how it's ended today, we will see what's will happen tomorrow.

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I was testing my new camera during the dawn, using starry night mode (I don't really remember, Dam* menopause LOL)
Trying different time exposures, and this is the result :)
Personally, i like the 2nd one from the left ;)

Lately I've checked many websites that tell pure lies about Islam; People are thinking that Osama Bin Ladin, Saddam Hussain is what all Islam about.
Blood and killing the others!
It's just make me deeply sad when I read Islamophobic sites, flickrists photo streams, blogs…etc

They are all based on lies and wrong information yet some people think they are all true, everybody have the right of free speech and could talk about anything they want but at least they should be objective and read different sources and references.

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I photographed it on February and I just decided to upload it...

Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God does not love transgressors. The Holly Qur'an (2:190).

I was NOT going to talk about it at all UNTIL I read how many people thinks about us MUSLIMS and about our religion, life style and culture ISLAM.
Some people just have NO respect for their own religion, how come they'll respect other's?
I am talking about the Danish cartoons…
It's about giving a wrong stereo type of the symbol of Islam "Mohammed", about Islam and Muslims.
It's about humiliating others believes and religions.
It's about knowledge lack of Mohammed (PPUH), Islam and Muslims.
I am talking about the genuine Islam, the Islam of Mohammed and the holly Qur'an; NOT Osama Bin Ladin's!
It's not that Muslims have a narrow minds and against freedom of speech…

I do NOT mind to pose nude for NEWSWEEK Magazine cover!
I do NOT mind if the cartoons were about my own MOTHER (by the way happy mothers day MOM LOL)!
I do NOT mind to talk about anything and to listen to the "other" opinions.
Did I already mention I am talking about Mohammed's Islam not Osama Bin Ladin's?
If you are interested to know more about it in your own language

To the tyrants of the world!
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On behalf every mother and father who lost a son or a daughter..
On behalf every girl or a guy who lost a brother, a sister or a friend…
On behalf every wife and husband…
On behalf humanity…
On behalf the late civilians in IRAQ and the WORLD.

To the unfair tyrants..
To the lover of the darkness..
To the enemy of life..

You've made fun of innocent people wounds; and your palm covered with their blood
You started deforming the charm of existence and growing seeds of sadness in their land

Wait, don't let the spring, the clearness of the sky and the shine of the morning light to fool you
Because the darkness, the thunder rumble and the blowing of the wind are coming toward you from the horizon

Beware becasue there is a fire underneath the ashWho grow thorns will reaps wounds

You've took off heads of people and the flowers of hope; and watered the sand with blood until it's got drunk!

The blood's river will take you off and you will be burned by the fiery storm!