19 February, 2008

23rd of Feb. protest for Gazza, Palestine

To everybody in the world, join us to protest to end the siege of Gazza in the occupidide Palestine.


13 February, 2008

USA, democracy and the Middle East

Can you see any links between those three things?

USA been going blah blah blah all the time about spreading what they refer to as democracy in the Middle East, they also been talking about words such as The Great Middle East which includes Zionists entity (Israel).

So USA thought of executing that plan in Palestine for a start, and they asked all parts including Hamas and Fat'h to participate in the Palestinian elections.

Fat'h always won the previous elections, they do recognize the existence of the Zionists entity so called Israel.

While Hamas never participated in one before, and they do NOT recognize the Zionists entity and that's why they are considered to be Terrorist group by USA and the Zionists.

That days I was watching ABC news, and they were saying Hamas won the elections...
They kept repeating that specific line every three seconds between every single other story, and I think that was weird.

Hamas won the Palestinian elections fairly, supported by the votes of the Palestinian people.

Then they were pressured to recognize the exisitance of the Zionists entity but they rejected that constantly. Saying that people of Palestine voted for us (Hamas) knowing that we don't recognize them in the first place.

As a result they decided to get back Fat'h to role Palestine despite all the voted Hamas got from the Palestinian people. Then they forced a siege on Gazza, cut off power, Gas in the middle of winter to turn the people against Hamas.

Do you think this is democracy?
Is this democratic enough?

Apparently USA is not really interested in spreading democracy in the Middle East...
They are interested in puppet Arab leader to say YES or NO whenever they wanted!