06 August, 2006

Latifaonline.net [Lebanon]
Originally uploaded by radiant guy.
Latifa & Latifa's official site supports Lebanon and launches "I BOYCOTT" campaign in the Arab world along with many other Arab celebrities such as the writer Ahlam Mustaghmani.

Latifa decided to postponed her album which it's was going to be released in July 2006. Composed by Lebanese musicians such as Ziad Al Rahbani, Marwan Khouri and Jean-Marie Reyachi.

Latifs suppose to be on a documentary on PBS American channel, she agreed to be on the channel under one rule and it's to be able to express her self with out any censorship; since her speech in the World Music Awards 2004 was censored when she said that her happiness will remain incomplete until Palestine and Iraq are freed. The democratic media of the USA montages that part off!

In the year 2005 Lebanese singer Elissa won the award, at the time Israel's newspaper felt that the Lebanese singers are threatening their security!


Anonymous said...

Where's Palestine?

radiantguy.com said...

I created one longtime ago during the second Intifadha, I might upload it too.

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