28 August, 2006

I don't really like to upload this kind of photos but I was trying to visualize an image in my mind of today's world!

I am very optimistic person, I don't live in darkness; yet I don't like to skip the cruel reality!

Here is a list of the world's countries participating in conflicts with others (NOW)...

Algeria Angola Congo Eritrea Liberia Rawnda Sierra Leone Somalia Sudan Zimbabwe Afghanistan Indonesia Russia Kashmir India Pakistan Korea China Japan Bangladesh Myanmar Philippines Sri Lanka Uzbekistan Spain Bosnia Cyprus Kosovo Serbia Ireland Georgia Armenia Azerbaijan Chechnya Iran Iraq Israel Palestine Lebanon Nagorno Syria Yemen Turkey Venezuela Ethiopia UAE USA UK

During the world war 2, many countries didn't take a side, that's will include almost everyone listed above plus many unlisted others..
Those countries refused to participate in the war, they were referred to 3rd world countries..
Later the phrase "3rd world countries" was assigned to "underdeveloped countries"!
I just can't get it, how come when someone refused a war would be uncivilised?
I thought 3rd world countries should be today's civilised world while the (so called) 1st and 2nd world should be the underdeveloped ones.

The world already in a great mess but some people (so called civilised) are trying to make that mess greater..

Few days ago I was watching the news when they said that the planet Pluto was excluded from the solar system!
I know it's silly but I kinda felt sad just like losing a family member..
I've been told for 24 years that there are 9 (known) planets in the solar system, it's kinda weird to cut one off now.
Anyway that's not the point, but I mentioned that storey about Pluto because I rather to live a lone over there in the extremely cold weather than living on this sucky "warful" planet so called Earth!

Yeah I know I just invented the word "warful"!

Everybody should watch the movie "V for Vendetta"!

I guess no one got my point?
I'll just go to bed...Good nigth HUMANS!

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sol i sinne said...

I have traveled around the world and I have lived in several countries, including the first, second, and third worlds, on three continents. My answer is TOLERANCE. Now, it would be stupid to just tell people to be tolerant and expect anything to change. (How many Christians follow the instruction: "Love thy neighbor!"?!) TOLERANCE, and compassion, follow naturally from understanding, which comes from knowledge and awareness. "Human nature" has a lot of potential and if we learn all we can about it, we can work with it instead of feeling defeated by it. There is a lot of work to be done, and although the bigger picture is not going to change much in your lifetime, remember that every drop of rain raises the ocean. You can make a difference by educating yourself and asserting tolerance throughout your life. You can be absolutely certain that you will influence others, who will influence others, as never ending ripples into the future. We all do. You will earn self respect and your life will have value if you do it knowingly and purposefully! Good luck!