10 November, 2006

According to Islam, burring dead people is a way to respect them but I think that rule doesn't work in War situation.
People should know what's going on around them no matter how hard and disturbing it is.

I understand that porn is allowed in the media while knowing the truth is not, I wonder if showing a peni* up to a puss*/as* is more important than showing justice and the truth to the world...
Isn't that against "so called" DemocrASSy?
I thought democrASSy is having the right to express your self, to be heard and seen by others while the truth is being buried because of some silly rules created by HUMANS.


Chet said...

You described American demorcassy to a tee. Porn is allowed here but the right to know the truth as you see is not. To let you know I have many more people through the internet from the states taking a stand against Israel and the so called policies of the US. It is blogs like yours and several others that helps me go looking for the truth. It is not hard if one takes the time to search and research what is happening. The trouble I find with some people is that they are ignorant or to damn lazy to use a little common sense. Great blog you have and I will add you to my blog roll. Thanks for visiting my blog.


radiantguy.com said...

Thanks for your comment, Ihad to do what I should do longtime ago. Thanks for linking me back.