05 November, 2006


Personally I do NOT care about words such as Semitic, non Semitic, black, white, Asian or whatever NON MUSLIMS RACISTS are inventing. Qur'anic Islam never differ between people according to their origin, color, ethnics…Etc

The basics of being a Muslim to believe in every ABRAHAMIC prophets and that would include many prophets mentioned in ToTorah Bible and the Qur'an. So the conflict in the Middle East is NOT about the religion (at least according to the Islamic prospects) but it is according to Christians check the following link gotquestions.org/Jews-Arabs.html (That doesn't mean I hate Christians but I am just showing their point of view let's take Mr. Bush for instance). It's not because of the prophets, it's all about abusing religions and misunderstanding them, the conflict in the Middle East never excited before the year 1948, before that Jews, Christians and Muslims were living side by side in peace, it's all about politics and those silly borders created by UK.
It's just makes me furious when I SEE LITTLE INNOCENT KIDS, WOMEN or MEN KILLED or their LAND WAS INVATED or they were kicked out of their homeland BY "FOREINNERS" despite the fact wewhetherhey were Muslims or not; I KNOW YOU FEEL THE EXACT WAY if someone did the same for wherever you live.

I see
Zionisms fanatics of JudaismNazis and Mr. Bush as the fanatics of ChristianityAl Qa'eda as fanatics of Islam.


radiantguy.com said...

I wrote that as a reply of a msg I had on flickr, the Qur'an says that God created different people and nations so people get to know each others. But that person was saying Muslims should be kicked out of where he is living because they are threatining "democracy" over there.

He thinks all Muslims are Bin Ladin and/or Saddam Hussain but I DON'T REALY CARE WHAT HE THINKS OF ME. He even replied bakc to my msg but I am not plaining to response.


radiantguy.com said...

Thanks for sharing, I already saw it :)