11 January, 2009

Today on Youtube

OK guys, while I was driving to work today...I heard about a soccer player (African Muslim playing for Spanish team) called Frédéric Omar kanoute who was playing on a game, then he raised his t-shirt that's when a shirt beneath appeared saying "Palestine" in different languages.

He had to pay 3000 USD for doing that...
As far as I know a year or so another football player (also African) kissed "Israeli" flag but they didn't make him pay cash for it...If this is not double standards I don't know what it is.

You can watch him here

I also watched a Palestinian father who lost 4 of his kids in an Isreali bomber by a school of the UNRWA.

You can watch him here


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Two videos, two comments.

So he showed a bloody old tshirt to the world. FIFA is great soccer but it is also a commercial fest that is corporate sponsored and blanketed in advertisements, most of the most likely Jewish owned. So just more double standard. I do not know if that was a lot of money, the fact is it is wrong he be fined at all.

As for the second video. Because it is in Arabic I have not seen it. However I have seen images of these children before. The child with the two bullets in the chest was obviously executed. Those holes are perfectly placed by a marksman of skill.

I used to say that there are jews and there are zionists but in terms of Israel that has been revised. In Israel it is mandatory to join the military which means that anyone who has ever served ... there is a very very good chance that they have had on their hands, the blood of at least one Palestinian. Considering how many young kids are taken doing nothing at all, playing soccer, minding their goats, etc, there is a mindset of hatred the killers have.

However, not all. There are some brave peace fighters in Israel. And they are heavily penalized by the authorities. To these people ... and to the resisters. The rest, however, are all scum.

Because I have looked at hundreds of thousands of these images I did not cringe, I just looked and saw. And that little part of me that says... "come on, you know it is ok to hate these people" had to be put back into its box. I refuse to hate.. that is like wasting emotion on a cockroach. What do you do with a cockroach? You wait until you can stomp on it is all. And the time will come... pray it is not too late.

Anonymous said...

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