02 August, 2007


Anonymous said...

Cute and funny ;)
Good to see you posting again.

Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna comment on this particular video only on the entire site. Well, in brief - you're doing a great job.
I grew up in monocultural country. I didn't have chance to meet people from other culters.
I didn't see it as a difference that I was praying to Jesus and you to Allah. For me it was similarity - we are both praying - maybe just in a bit different way. I was naive beacuse I was convinced that other people think like me too.
No.They don't.
Then I moved out. To one of the most multicultural places in the world. My best friends come from all over the world, all cutures, all religions.Europeans, Latinos, Asians, Arabs... We're trying to get to know to our cultures better, sometimes some stereotypes are involved but we want to explain them to each other. It really hurts me when I see what's going on nowadays. That the world is divided East-West. I don't wanna be on either side. They should cooperate. Here, we all laughing together and kilometers from here the same nationalities are killing each other. Maybe it all sounds like triviality.I'm ashamed that also my country is party involved in what is happening now in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm ashamed that we're so weak. Most people in the world want peace. So why all of this sh** is still happening?
Peace with you, brother.
Keep doing this site and those beatiful photos:) Thank you for translating some songs because my arabic is rather horrible. Actually I can say only few words yet:)
And u take really nice photos. I know, because I'm an amateur photographer:)

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