03 June, 2007

It's all OVER!

It's all over [READ ME]

For the past few years, I've been going with some friends to a remote area in the south of Kuwait called "Al Zoor" (very close to Saudi/Kuwaiti border) to swim in the crystal clear sea, clear to the point that you can see your shadow on the floor with jelly fish break dancing around it (I am not kidding I did see jelly fish for real that day, they even bit me LOL... I ment ouch not LOL)!

The sea in Kuwait could be separated into 3 groups, North sea, Kuwait city sea and South sea.

- The north sea is muddy, you can not swim over there.

- Kuwait city sea is better than the north but the water isn't clear.

- The south sea (and some Kuwaiti islands) are the best place for swimming, the water is crystal clear, or Diamond clear!

This year I and my friend had a road trip to the south of Kuwait to find a new swimming spot since our usual one was closed, a Saudi oil company took over the place...It made me furious, Saudi Arabia is larger than probably 8275634972349 times...They don't need a free spot somewhere else to build whatever they want. Other places around that spot are owned by Kuwaiti citizens, and no one can swim there and it's crowded with beach houses.

Now If you want to swim in a clean and clear water, you should own a beach house in the South of Kuwait or a Yacht to take you for an island such as "Kubbar" (Arabic script: كبر) or "Qarooh" (Arabic script: قاروه).
It's way cheaper to travel abroad and enjoy the beach in South east Asia or maybe Madagascar and I am not talking about the cartoon which I and my 3 years old niece really love.

Photo above is unposed photo of me taken by a friend while I was fixing my stupid swimsuit :+
I've taken tons of photo but they doesn't show the water's clarity as this one.


Anonymous said...

~~Nudges~~ Radiant Guy to wake up and post again!

Oryx said...

Been there few times, but not for a swim :’( that Saudi comp happens to be one of my clients, the first time I saw that beach I couldn’t believe it’s in Kuwait, btw who is the guy in the pic?