20 September, 2006

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I've seen two kind of msgs and comments about agriculture (grass/plants) in Kuwait and the other GCC countries (That's will include Kuwait, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman).

Some people just became surprised when they see some photos taken in Kuwait or any other GCC country and goes :O
How come you have plants over there?!!!!

WAKE UP people!
First of all, we are living on Earth, we have the exact atmosphere!
It's the 21st century!
shake that 6th century stereo type of the Arab desert, we don't live in a tent just in the middle of a starry desert with goats around us, a camel on the left, a mercedes benz on the right and an oil field in the back of the tent!
I also seen some comments comparing the agriculture in the Arab desert with the agriculture in the occupied territory of Palestine...
First of all, Palestine have a cool weather and natural source of consumable water by humans, animals and plants plus fertilized soil; while the GCC countries are using complex sea water processing to have consumable drinking water, the desert's alkaline soil needed to be fertilized so the plants could survive plus it's extremely hot over here; around 50 Celsius (around 120 Fahrenheit) in shades!
That's why they need to be watered and sprayed by water all the time or the Sun will letterly burn them.

Despite these facts about the Arab deserts, plants and grass can be found everywhere!
I could upload some photos but probably some ignorants will say, they are all photoshopped, I guess you should come over and see your self!

It's not a miracle to grow plants and grass in Palestine, but for SURE IT'S in the Arab desert!

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